b. 1984, Sebastopol CA
lives and works in Queens NY

Solo and Two-Person Exhibitions
Soft Slice Corral, with Audrey Hope, Goodnight Projects, San Francisco CA
2014 Regolith, Deluge Contemporary Art, Victoria Canada
2014 Conveyor Melt, Hunter College Times Square Gallery, New York NY
2010 Transparent Trophies, with Jonathan Tracy, 4707 Telegraph, Oakland CA
2010 Division of Labour, with Jonathan Tracy, Deluge Contemporary Art, Victoria Canada
2009 Lost Wisdom, Bruce Gallery, California College of the Arts, San Francisco CA
2009 Friends’ Fucked-Up Faces, The Fifty Fifty Arts Collective, Victoria Canada

Selected Group Exhibitions
Graces, with Amanda Baldwin and Georgia Elrod, curated by Nicholas Cueva, 5-50 Gallery, Queens NY
Skip/Salvage, with Fannie Allié, Vincent Dermody, Jason Douglas Griffin, Jack Henry, Timothy Mitchell, August Krogan Roley, and Alex Valls, curated by Audree Anid and Rachel Tretter, RATA Projects, New York NY
Upstairs Art Fair, with Nikki Katsikas, Katherine Mangiardi, Matthias Merkel Hess, and Sophia Narrett, yours mine & ours, Amagansett NY
BEER, SODA, CIGARETTES, AND LAMPSHADES, with Stephen Eakin, Paul Gagner, Heather Garland, Karen Lederer, Hilary Pecis, Polly Schindler, Jennifer Sullivan, and Heeseop Yoon, curated by Jessica Cannon,
Layers, with Aglaé Bassens, Alice Browne, and Stephanie Hier, curated by Ian Giles, Global Committee, Brooklyn NY
Uneven Stones, with Andrew Gayle and Jason Kachadourian, curated by Amanda Turner Pohan, TWOFORTY, Brooklyn NY
Savage Hotel, with Abelardo Cruz Santiago, Jeffrey Dalessandro, Annabel Daou, Olivia Divecchia, Rachel Granofsky, and Matthew Whitenack, curated by Alexander Handler and Paul Pissarro, 56 Bogart Street 3C, Brooklyn NY
2017 King of the Cockroaches, with Becky Brown, Daniel Lichtman, and Bill Santen, organized by Becky Brown, Hercules Art, New York NY
2017 Archipelago, with Ernesto Burgos, Robin Cameron, Kiran Chandra, David de Tscharner, Andrew Erdos, and Mariana Garibay Raeke, curated by Clara Darrason and Jennifer Houdrouge, The Chimney NYC, Brooklyn NY
2017 A Little Air, with Kyath Battie, Alysha Farling, Jeremy Gordaneer, Zoe Kreye, Peter Morin, and Caleb Speller, Divided Space, Young Building, Camosun College, Victoria Canada
2017 King of the Cockroaches, with Becky Brown, Martha Clippinger, Rachel Goodwin, Daniel Lichtman, and Bill Santen, organized by Becky Brown, Guest Room Project Space, Carrboro NC
2016-2017 It's in the making (with exhibition catalog), with Cedric, Nathan and Jim Bomford, Nicholas Galanin, Shelley Penfold, and Angela Teng, curated by Haema Sivanesan and Nicole Stanbridge, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria Canada
2016 Representing Rainbows, with Olivia Booth, Katherine Bradford, G. Davis Cathcart, Tim Davis, Annie Ewaskio, Anoka Faruquee, Barbara Friedman, Elliott Green, Joanne Greenbaum, Stefanie Gutheil, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Julie Heffernan, Laurie Hogan, Lisa Hoke, David Humphrey, Jon Kessler & Mika Rottenberg, Todd Knopke, Siobhan McBride, James Rieck, Ugo Rondinone, Michelle Rosenberg, Lisa Sanditz, Judith Simonian, Elena Sisto, Shinique Smith, Barbara Takenaga, Robin Tewes, Jonathan Tracy, Catalina Viejo Lopez de Roda, Leslie Wayne, and Jeremy Willis, curated by Lisa Corinne Davis, GP Presents, New York NY
2016 Baker's Dozen, with Michael Badour, Michael Bailey-Gates, Adam Basanta, Lorna Bauer, Carly Mark, Jenine Marsh, Kristie Muller, Walter Scott, Matt Sperdakos, The Loon, VSVSVS, and Lillian Paige Walton, curated by CK2, New York NY
2016 Fine words butter no parsnips however fine parsnips can butter words, with Mauricio Alejo, Octavio Abundez, Rachelle Bussieres, Reiko Hamano, Dave Hardy, Julio César Morales, José Luis Córtes Santander, Abelardo Cruz-Santiago, Birgit Rathsmann, Gabriel Rico, Keith Allyn Spencer, Theresa Sterner, Zach Trow, and Letha Wilson, co-organized by Alejando Almanza Pereda and Present Company, Present Company, Brooklyn NY
2015 Receptive Fields, with Farrell Brickhouse, Ariel Dill, Sarah Faux, and Clint Jukkala, Edward Thorp Gallery, New York NY
2015 25: Multiples Toward a Past and Future, Deluge Contemporary Art, Victoria Canada
2015 Underdonk and Friends, Underdonk, Brooklyn NY
2014 The Shortest Distance Between Two Points, an exhibition-specific multi-artist web project Deux Faces organized by Parallelograms, Syndicat Potentiel, Strasbourg France
2014 Recollections of the Artist: A Portrait of Collage, curated by Gart Darley, Ministry of Casual Living, Victoria Canada
2014 Underdonk Selects, Underdonk, Brooklyn NY
2014 Synthetic Zero, curated by Mitsu Hadeishi, BronxArtSpace, New York NY
2013 All of the Above, curated by Keena Gonzalez and Michael Berube, Church of St. Paul the Apostle, New York NY
2013 Opening Show, curated by Jule Korneffel and Alfons Knogl, Zusi Graham, Cologne Germany
2013 Split Me Open with Devotion, with Jenna Westra, Johanna Jaeger, and Sophie Grant, Little V, New York NY
2013 Celebrate Lupercalia, with Jonathan Tracy and Katie Rubright, Hunter College MFA Building, New York NY
2013 The Amateur Astronomers Society of Voorhees Salon, curated by Emmy Catedral, Hunter College Times Square Gallery, New York NY
2012 Can't Stop Rock Lobster, curated by Merkx & Gwynne, Shoot the Lobster, New York NY
2010 Multi-Occulti, curated by Kara Joslyn, 4707 Telegraph, Oakland CA
2010 Southern Exposure's 10th Annual Monster Drawing Rally, Verdi Club, San Francisco CA
2009 Conflation, PLAySPACE Gallery, San Francisco CA
2009 Buddy System, Rare Device Gallery, San Francisco CA

Performances and Presentations
Medium Emotions: a Reading/Viewing, with Natasha Marie Llorens, Printed Matter, New York NY
Nicholas Cueva in Conversation, with Maddie Reyna, Alex Sewell, and Zach Seeger, Five Myles, Brooklyn NY
Belong to You, with Jule Korneffel, Hercules Art Studio Program, New York NY

Medium Emotions, 108 page monograph including text by Natasha Marie Llorens, published by Colpa Press, San Francisco CA 
It's in the making, 40 page catalogue published in conjunction with exhibition at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, with Cedric, Nathan and Jim Bomford, Nicholas Galanin, Shelley Penfold, Angela Teng, and Jess Willa Wheaton, curated by Haema Sivanesan and Nicole Stanbridge, printed in Canada
2016 Six Screenshots, Ginger Zine, Issue 3, pgs 34-37, New York NY
2014 Two Places at Once, 32 page artist book in an edition of 100 self-published in New York NY
2012 Back-Ups, 85 page artist book self-published in New York NY
2009 White Space/Time, 40 page artist book published in the series Buddy System by Little Paper Planes in San Francisco CA
2005 The First Four Months, 50 page zine of art and writing self-published in Victoria BC and featured as one of the 4 best zines of Winter 2005 in Broken Pencil, Issue 27, page 21, Toronto Canada

Steinhauer, Emily. "Jess Willa Wheaton: helping us visualize the 'luscious' sounds of Sugar Candy Mountain." Beyond the Music. May 9.
"Favorite Album Covers and the Artists Who Made Them." Beyond the Music. February 21.
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Joy, Christopher and Zachary Keeting. "Jess Willa Wheaton" (video interview). Gorky's Granddaughter. May 4.

MFA in Painting, Hunter College, New York NY
2009 BFA in Painting and Drawing, California College of the Arts, San Francisco CA
2006 Certificate in Visual Arts, Camosun College, Victoria Canada

nominee, Griffin Gallery International Residency
Camosun College Artist in Residence
2014 nominee, Dedalus Foundation MFA Fellowship in Painting and Sculpture
2013 Kossak MFA Travel Grant for independent travel to Paris
2009 Richard K. Price Scholarship
2009 California College of the Arts Trustees’ Scholarship
2007-2009 California College of the Arts Scholarship
2007-2009 Faculty Honors Scholarship
2006 Camosun College International Endowment Award
2006 Jessie Allan Forsyth Memorial Award of Excellence in Art
2005 Monday Magazine Visual Arts Award
2002 California Governor's Scholar Award
2000 California Arts Scholar in Creative Writing Award